Facebook’s Like and Share widgets are embedded in countless web pages, and as such, these widgets serve as excellent tracking devices for Facebook to build a profile of your browsing history. Take control over your data and block Facebook.


If you are not aware of Facebook’s privacy zuckups I would recommend visiting the site: DaysSinceLastFacebookScandal.com and prettyzucky.com

I also recommend visiting eff.org/facebook this is a search filter for articles published with Facebook in the title on the Internet Frontier Foundation website.

Ublock Origin


PrivacyBadger won’t require any further configurations, read more on the official website

Configure Ublock origin to block Facebook and its trackers:

1) Click on Ublock Origin extension in your browser then click on the settings icons in the right side (open dashboard)


2) In the settings tab enable the option I am an advanced user to enable Ublock origin dynamic filtering


3) Navigate to My Rules tab


4) Add the following filters to the panel on the right

* facebook.com * block
* facebook.net * block
* fb.com * block
* fbcdn.net * block
* static.xx.fbcdn.net * block
* www.facebook.com * block

(Click on the image to expand it) 4.png

5) Click on save


6) Click on commit


7) get better privacy and internet free from Facebook


If your school security club uses Facebook’s WorkPlace platform, the above configuration will prevent the site from loading. its surprising how many trackers are loaded when you visit the platform and am not sure what are they used for.


Add the following rules to allow Facebook’s WorkPlace to load

my.workplace.com fbcdn.net * allow
my.workplace.com static.xx.fbcdn.net * noop

I would also recommend visiting your usual sites and click on ublock origin and see how many of them contain Facebook trackers just for fun.